Post-trip tip 4: don’t be a travel bore

Travel is a state of mind. It doesn’t matter where you are. Unfortunately, it’s not always that easy to maintain.

This list of post-travel tips will help to keep you going when the time between holidays seems to stretch out interminably!

Post-trip tip 4: don’t be a travel bore

Yes, you loved travelling. Yes, life is immeasurably better on the road. Yes, you did some mind-blowing stuff. But there’s a time and a place to talk about it. Otherwise it’s called bragging and no-one likes a show-off. Especially when everyone else has been stuck in the same old routine under the same grey skies for an interminably long time.

I know it’s tempting to one-up a tale of commuting nightmares by harking back to the time you were walking through the Amazon when a monkey defecated on your arm and your local guide scraped it off using his proper Crocodile Dundee-style knife, but think about who you’re telling the story for.

Watch out for how often you’re starting sentences with, “This one time, in…” Unless you really are Michelle from American Pie and going to finish the sentence with something deliciously shocking involving wind instruments and intimate body parts, think twice. It might serve you better to show some interest in the lives of your friends at home. After all, now that’s your life too.


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