Snowmen of Hackney February 2012

Snowman-building hysteria, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington

I love the snow. Pure, white, brilliant and dangerous. Fuelled by the kind of excitement that keeps kids pumped the night before going to Disney World, I leapt out of bed this morning and embarked on a snowy tour of Hackney.

It took me from Clissold Park to Abney Cemetery, through Stamford Hill and across Clapton Common to Springfield Park, over the Lea River to Walthamstow Marshes and on to Millfield Park. From there, through Upper Clapton along Northwold Road to Stoke Newington Common and back up Church Street.

People were going mad. Throwing snow, lying down in it, weeing in it, eating it (not in that order). Mostly though, they were building snowmen. Here’s a selection of the finest snow creatures in Hackney (look out for my grumpy contribution…):

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Turns out I’m not the only one to get ridiculously over-excited by the white stuff…

I’m exhausted.

3 Responses to “Snowmen of Hackney February 2012”
  1. Ged says:

    Awesome post. Got to love Hackney!

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  1. […] breath and kept on eye constantly turned to the sky. I love snow, and I was hoping for a repeat of last year’s impressive snowman turnout. The people of Stoke Newington did not disappoint. These are their snowmen of January […]

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