Five places for a girl to propose (but not today)

Just remind him that it's a long way down if he says no...
Just remind him that it’s a long way down if he says no…

If I was going to propose I wouldn’t do it today. If a man can propose any day of the year, so can I.

I don’t need to wait for the 29th February for permission to get down on one knee. What I would need though, is the perfect place. With that in mind, I’ve compiled my top five places for girls to pop the question.

1. On top of a cliff

Could be the dazzling white cliffs of Dover, the humped Seven Sisters of Sussex or the bird poo-strewn Farne Islands in Northumberland. It doesn’t matter so long as there’s an opportunity to push him over the edge if he answers incorrectly. Personally, I’d plump for the heather-strewn cliffs of Exmoor, not just because they hold a special place in my heart, but because they’re the highest cliffs in England…

2. In bed

Preferably after a heavy night out so he’s tired, not thinking straight and will do anything to avoid a row. Of course, a positive answer, or the offer of monetary compensation, would result in a romantic gift of breakfast in bed. I’ll take my eggs over-easy please darling.

3. Peak District

Just to be perverse really, seeing as the Lake District is apparently the most popular place for proposals in the British Isles. The Peak District is closer and I’m more likely to be able to find somewhere where we can be completely alone; that way, if he says no, no-one need ever know.

4. In a cave

I’d get us lowered into Gaping Gill in North Yorkshire. It’s Britain’s biggest known cave chamber and you’re lowered over the edge on a cable to get down there, suspended in mid-air with god knows how much of a fall into the black chasm beneath you. After that, a lifetime with me can’t seem that scary, can it?

5. Where we met

Or perhaps not exactly where we met – that was Mongolia. But a stay in a yurt would do the trick. And it’d be a touch more luxurious, which wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. I’ve got my beady eyes on this luxury ger overlooking a white-sand private beach belonging to the Priory Bay Hotel on the Isle of Wight.

And finally, I would never, ever, propose in public like these silly boys. Ouch!

One Response to “Five places for a girl to propose (but not today)”
  1. Debra Steed says:

    I proposed to my now husband on the steps of St Pauls Cathedral, on 22nd April.

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