Five places for a girl to propose (but not today)

Just remind him that it's a long way down if he says no...

If I was going to propose I wouldn’t do it today. If a man can propose any day of the year, so can I. I don’t need to wait for the 29th February for permission to get down on one knee. What I would need though, is the perfect location.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled my top five places for girls to pop the question.

Snowmen of Hackney February 2012

Snowman-building hysteria, Clissold Park, Stoke Newington

Snow falls and England goes mad, in a good way. Here’s a selection of Hackney’s finest snowmen, crafted from the 10cm that fell overnight. My, we’re an excitable bunch!

London Underground offers more than transport…

Angel Station message board by Emma Field

Nothing like something out of the ordinary to cheer up your commute. Thanks Angel Tube station!

The craziest things happen when you least expect them…

Humback whale breaching off California by NOAA Photolibrary

Check out this footage of a surfer nearly being swallowed by a pod of humpback whales feeding off the coast of Santa Cruz, California.

Parakeets in London

Parakeet in London

I took a trip to Kew Gardens last spring. Strolling down the daffodil avenue I heard a familiar sound that I first heard in South America – a parakeet. There it was, peering down at me through the blossom.

North Devon madness: wacky Minis

Monkey Mini at the bottom of the very steep road into Heddon Valley

Sitting outside The Hunters Inn at the bottom of Exmoor’s Heddon Valley yesterday a long line of crazily dressed Minis wound their way past. Of course, I set aside my second pint of Addlestones and started snapping away, half cut (that cider is strong stuff). It turned out it was the Legendary Grand Tour in aid … Continue reading

Proust says it best

Marcel Proust

Marcel Proust neatly sums up what this blog is all about, although he had it figured out decades before me.

Dishoom: a corner of Bombay in London

Dishoom Bombay Cafe, Covent Garden, London (C) Emma Field

Dishoom was created by some seriously homesick Bombayites.

DISHOOM /dishu:m/ n.
1. The old Bollywood sound effect produced when a hero lands a good punch, or when a bullet flies through the air
2. Similar to popular slang usage of the expression “Mojo”; e.g. “He’s got that Dishoom”

The week that was: sea kayaking the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Resting kayaks C Craig Fast

This time last year I was pootling around in a kayak in the Sea of Cortez, tucked between Baja and the Mexican mainland. My photos from this week are nothing special but I do have this short video of a pod of dolphins swimming close to our kayak.

The week that was: Belize and Mexico City

Graffiti, Mexico City © Emma Field

My top ten photos from Belize and Mexico City, 12th-18th March 2010

Callander Jazz and Blues Festival

Inside a sweaty jazz club - exactly where I want to be this weekend

Summer is definitely behind us. I’m delaying the onset of my SAD by focusing on all the brilliant events and places I could be visiting (if I had the money, of course). This weekend I want to be in Scotland, tapping my feet to some blues and downing a few wee drams.

Top three worst job interviews ever

Nightmare job interview situation

Job interviews are hell. Sadly, I’m in a position right now where they’re almost a weekly occurrence. Even sadder, each time I revert to being a babbling, incoherent car crash of an interviewee. This is my list of my three worst job interviews ever…

Childhood demon face off: Sidmouth Folk Festival

Sidmouth Folk Festival dancers © Emma Field

We all live with irrational hangover hates from our childhood. For some it’s Brussels sprouts. For others, an inability to get in the car without visiting the loo first. Me? Folk music…

Holdstone Down: where Jesus landed in a spaceship

North Devon coast © Craig Fast

Holdstone Down: great views, UFOs, Jesus and a cairn. What more could you want from a day trip in Devon?…

Lynmouth Raft Race

The rafts are pelted with flour as they wait for the starting whistle © Craig Fast

Britain plays proud host to some of the oddest events in the world. Yesterday I trotted off to nearby Lynmouth to watch one of them, the annual Lynmouth Raft Race…