Five places for a girl to propose (but not today)

Just remind him that it's a long way down if he says no...

If I was going to propose I wouldn’t do it today. If a man can propose any day of the year, so can I. I don’t need to wait for the 29th February for permission to get down on one knee. What I would need though, is the perfect location.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled my top five places for girls to pop the question.

London Underground offers more than transport…

Angel Station message board by Emma Field

Nothing like something out of the ordinary to cheer up your commute. Thanks Angel Tube station!

Top three worst job interviews ever

Nightmare job interview situation

Job interviews are hell. Sadly, I’m in a position right now where they’re almost a weekly occurrence. Even sadder, each time I revert to being a babbling, incoherent car crash of an interviewee. This is my list of my three worst job interviews ever…

Lynmouth Raft Race

The rafts are pelted with flour as they wait for the starting whistle © Craig Fast

Britain plays proud host to some of the oddest events in the world. Yesterday I trotted off to nearby Lynmouth to watch one of them, the annual Lynmouth Raft Race…

Dirty dog punching well above his weight. Literally.

Persistent, self-deluded dog!

Spotted in Tortuguero, Costa Rica: the world’s most self-deluded dog!

When you’re feeling the post-trip blues check out these pictures for instant giggles…