Post-trip tip 4: don’t be a travel bore

Yes, you loved travelling. Yes, life is immeasurably better on the road. Yes, you did some mind-blowing stuff. But there’s a time and a place to talk about it. Otherwise it’s called bragging and no-one likes a show-off. Especially when everyone else has been stuck in the same old routine under the same grey skies for an interminably long time.


Top three worst job interviews ever

Nightmare job interview situation

Job interviews are hell. Sadly, I’m in a position right now where they’re almost a weekly occurrence. Even sadder, each time I revert to being a babbling, incoherent car crash of an interviewee. This is my list of my three worst job interviews ever…

Childhood demon face off: Sidmouth Folk Festival

Sidmouth Folk Festival dancers © Emma Field

We all live with irrational hangover hates from our childhood. For some it’s Brussels sprouts. For others, an inability to get in the car without visiting the loo first. Me? Folk music…