Post-trip tip 5: find local places that evoke your travels

Much as you love it, your local chippy is unlikely to evoke warm happy travel memories. Sniff out a few places that remind you of your travels and visit them when you crave a change from the all-too-soon-established norm.

Post-trip tip 4: don’t be a travel bore

Yes, you loved travelling. Yes, life is immeasurably better on the road. Yes, you did some mind-blowing stuff. But there’s a time and a place to talk about it. Otherwise it’s called bragging and no-one likes a show-off. Especially when everyone else has been stuck in the same old routine under the same grey skies for an interminably long time.

Post-trip tip 3: Relive those memories

Make a point of going through your travel photos and videos regularly. It will bring back all those old memories and remind you of sunnier climes and good times.

Post-trip tip 2: adopt a new travel attitude

Just because you’re home doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything the area has to offer. Check out the, erm, rather novel approach to travel and tourism recommended by Joël Henry: Experimental Travel…

Post-trip tip 1: explore your local area

Invest in a local guidebook and see your hometown through a tourist’s eyes. You might be surprised…